Is the name my parents gave to me.

I can't remember the day, but I know it was January 1996. As I grew older I wanted to start a career as a Pirate Princess. While dreaming about my life I  realized my 1:1000.000 chances to effort this wish.

My disaffected flying mind hit the ground

and brought me the best base to see the beauty of the world.

My Passion for Arts, Photography and the cultures of our little planet earth.

So here I am! 

OCHS8822 (2).JPG


In my opinion the best statement about education is the one Pink Floyd spread.

"We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control."

What is much more important than education, especially in school is the interest. The curiosity. To have the urge to learn. To get your own Knowledge in combination with your point of few. This is what makes the world light an open and interesting. 

I should mention that first off all every single being has to have the freedom and the time as well as the possibility to learn. There are no compromises!

I had the chance to try different School systems: 

  • -Private Montessori Volkschule, Deutschland

  • -Escola Básica 1°CEB, Portugal

  • -Volksschule Ziemetshausen, Deutschand

  • -Ecole Internationale ´Les Alizés´, Kapverden

  • -Peter-Vischer-Gymnasium, Deutschland

  • -Lothar-von-Farber FOS, (Gestaltung/Fachabitur), Deutschland

  • Ausbildung Veranstaltungskauffrau (Hubert Schwarz Zentrum/Parks Nürnberg/Berufsschule Erlangen)

  • NEU: Studium Kommunikations Design (Bachelor of Arts)

So what did I learn? 

My conclusion is, that effort can only be counted in the amount of Projects you Finnish. 99% of People I  met in my life, have thousands of ideas how to make a better world out of our human destroyed earth. But most of them just sit on their ass, talking all the time and in heavy times the solution for problems is calling for Mama.

 Only what we are able to create matters. And the way to get there is how and what you think and talk about.